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released January 18, 2019


MIXED by Ben Robb at Roxburgh Street Studio
MASTERED by G. Bury at Ionotrope studio

Cover Photograph by G. Bury
Layout & Design by G. Bury
This Is Not Pop 2019
℗ & © This Is Not Pop


all rights reserved



This Is Not Pop Glasgow, UK

Limited Edition / Short Runs / Scotland /

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Track Name: I Used To Do Hip Hop
I used to do hip hop

I used to do hip hop a lot I mixed it with pot / I’d chose it for the hit that I got / Addicted to all of the tunes spitting and hollering soon / Built up a tolerance: a difficult spot / I OD'd on OGs and sold bags of dope frees / I cut with some old beats I’d dig by the box / Yup it's blatantly awesome but I take it each morning / Just to make me feel normal my fix and my prop / I invited hip hop over for lunch we spoke a bunch loads of fun / Coke and rum smoking puff we lost our clothes and stuff / So we touch slowly cos we know yup no rush / Both flush moaning rutting yo I dug it so much / I live it I love it I dig it I covet it kiss and then cuddle it licking it sucking it / Frigging it rubbing it up and then finger it some and then fuck it and give it a bumming / I really like hip hop its shit hot I humped it pumped it / Buggered it hugging it stuck in it sucking its dick or just tonguing its clit lots / A remedy when I’ve been sick mending me quick lending me plenty of energy / Enemy when I'm a tit said that I’ll split better to hem in the venom / I reckon I’m tending to tip bit of a flip into ridiculous shit / Especially when I’ve been lit mentally dip then I’ve been heading to bedlam / Seminal rapping event'd be: aunty cassetting me Rakim and Eric befriending me / When a wee kid met em on hits seven indelible eminent memory / Rendered me heavily well into regular helpings of flavours of fish / Incredible edible favourite dish a hella delectable/reckon attainable wish / Indeed I did hip hop a lot did it with pot digging the hit that I got / Embiggened addiction to spitting the shit that I've written is building a difficult spot / Invited hip hop up for lunch quick gobble and munch it’s probably bodily fun / A bonny wee sodomy odyssey gotta be properly prodding my cock in its bum / Ticket when I’m sick if I’m in the shit it chopped tricky thicket with a stick / It’s got sticky wicket when I missed it’s locked in the rhythm that I spit / Wonder what I've got to get and whether when I get it will I quit or / Will I want to win and win and win and win and if not / Well the hip hop’s / A commendable effort at ripping the piss / Yes it is
Track Name: I Need Hip Hop ft. Replicator
I need hip hop ft. Replicator

Tickle: Mcs act like they don't know mcs static they don't grow / Mcs slack right they don't mcs wack aye they don't flow / Mcs chat like they don't rap shite eh so factually inaccurate ha / Mcs aplenty they're ten a penny there's many / They're meant to be men they're empty and mentally they're descending / Eventually end pretending accepted it yep get ready / Identity: wee pathetic git yeah it’s me yeah I said it is / Regretfully me I said it I said to the beat I’m heading / To rep. My team with a method that yet might be for the better / My propensity for self-hate music helps make people get it / I need hip hop like a measles epidemic needs a medic / I need hip hop like an esoteric fella needs a relic / I need hip hop like a cellar dweller redditor needs reddit / I need hip hop like a caesar needs to seize a territory / I need hip hop like obesest men are needing ben and jerry's / I need hip hop like a steaming geezer needs to spend a penny / I need hip hop like peeps with dts need a heavy bevy / I need hip hop like a cemetery needs the dead and buried / I need hip hop like a revolutionary needs a telly / X4 nothing but nothingness utterly rudderless / Stumbling mumbling but there's fuck all in front of us

Replicator: MCs act like they're so dope / Yet MCs slack of crafting prose / MCs daft enough to boast / Even though we know they're broke / Don't hear no flows just croaking choking / Tripping over those wack flows ha / You're so so not Sosa bolt fore a bulldoze ya / Souls bolstered up on soma and cunts in coma's cold flows son / So step back and get slagged into a panic attack / Frantically grabbing a pad to draft ma dastardly plans / Living haphazardly but can it cos I'm happy to practice magic / Or malice depending on where you stand on this planet / Just a man that's good a rhyming words and tickle wae his blinding verse / Leaves MCs in a hearse thinking it couldnae be worse / See I need hip hop like a vocal politician needs a soapbox / I need hip hop like Flava Flav needs a giant clock / I need hip hop like a heavy stoner needs a draw / I need hip hop like the alt right needs to be stopped / 4 x nothing but nothingness utterly rudderless / Tory gluttons are fucking us but we're stuck wae the bloody cunts
Track Name: The Game's A Bogey ft. 2Heavy
The game’s a bogey ft. 2Heavy

2Heavy: The game's a bogey ok yeah I caved I'm sorry / It’s just the latest instalment of the same old story / Forever making promises but never vaguely honest / I said I'd change and then strayed again to those cakes and donuts / So state the obvious babe you know I'm waiting for it / I flaked and bottled it eh? Hey I'm famous for it / I'm fake as God is my nature's rotten behaviour's horrid / So take these plaudits and place them north up my anus for us / It ain't as if I'm ungrateful for them but I can't / In good faith be two-faced put too great importance on them / When often undercover of this wonderful warm front / Another motherloving double-dunter of a storm's coming / Because I'm running out of ideas and ideals / As my tears salt my meals and 'why me?' is all I feel / Yeah this acerbic wit has served me well / But now I need to grab life by the proverbials and give it hell

Tickle: Nothing but self-hate for twelve days straight yeah I’ve been down / I get in a helluva terrible shape when I sink bowed / Mental state of health ain’t great said it brings out / Wreck head traits at record rates it elevates the risk found / Won’t tend to wait or hesitate to deaden pain / Unsteady ways that never make it better eh a big clown / A set of plays admit loud plays I’ve rinsed out / Epically fetter repetitive method I’ve set up of settling shit now / Medicate myself get baked as hell and whinge loud / Ate eleven plates of cake yeah I binge out / Bevy daily said it’s maybe getting stale to drink drown / Bitten and cowed by picious hound it’s jaws that gape and grip round / Enervated celebrating when I take the bins out / Every day a blessing hey I guess I’ll take a swift count / Many mates a big crowd friends to make a tick proud / Weather may get swell a ray could penetrate the dim cloud

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